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Here is today’s show: Friday October 12th, 2012

Injury Report

Joe DeRosa called in at 2:45 with a list of injuries in the world of sports. RG III, Robert Medenhall and Jahvid Best all mentioned here:

6-Packs of Picks

Mike Gill (7-7-1): Browns +2 1/2, Falcons -9 1/2, Rams +4

Todd Ranck (7-7-1): Colts +3 1/2, Bucs - 4 1/2, Pats - 3 1/2

Pete's Picks

Pete’s Picks returns for another season on The Sportsbash. This year me, Mike and Todd go head-to-head in a match up of Sunday NFL games.

1. Cowboys +3 1/2 @ Ravens

2. Packers + 3 1/2 @ Texans

3. Lions + 3 1/2 @ Eagles

4. Bills +5 @ Cards

5. Broncos +1 @ Chargers

Mike Gill (9-10-1): Ravens - 3 1/2, Packers +3 1/2, Eagles -3 1/2, Bills +5, Broncos +1

Todd Ranck (11-8-1): Ravens -3 1/2, Texans -3 1/2, Lions +3 1/2, Cards -5, Broncos +1

Moose Johnston

"Moose" Johnston will be calling the game for FOX on Sunday and he called in to preview the game. Moose said that he talked with Mike Vick today and he shared with him a plan he has in place to try and stop the fumbling problem. He also said its too early to even think about benching Vick in favor for Nick Foles:

Dave Weinberg

At 4:05 Eagles reporter David Weinberg called in to preview the Eagles/Lions  game. Weinberg believes that the players are fully behind Mike Vick and he will be the QB for the rest of the season. Also, he says to expect to see a little no huddle from the Eagles on Sunday. Follow Dave Weinberg on Twitter.

Jim Brandstatter

For our Outside View today we invited Detroit Lions commentator and former Michigan Wolverine Jim Brandstatter to the program. He said the biggest concern is the inability for Calvin Johnson to get going and make big plays like they are used to seeing. Brandstatter also calls games for Michigan Wolverines Radio Network.

Top Tweets

It's a Friday edition of Top Tweets!

Ryan Messick's 5 Keys To The Game

1. Win battle in trenches.

2. Deny Stafford and Megatron.

3. Mega trouble.

4. Gash the Wide-9.

5. Win turnover Battle.


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