Eagles Bring Back Vick, Chip Kelly Speaks

Chip Kelly spoke to the media for a second time today after the Eagles announced they were bringing back Mike Vick for 2013. Mike and Todd both say the move doesn't surprise them as Mike Gill was predicting weeks ago the Eagles would bring back Vick at a reduced rate.


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Callers on the Return of Mike Vick

YOU the listener react to the Eagles bringing back Mike Vick on a restructured contract:

Adam Schefter

Broke the story this afternoon and called in for a quick 5 minutes. Schefter implied that this news cannot be good news for Nick Foles because if they thought he was the guy then the Eagles wouldn't have brought back Vick. Schefter also said that it's a win-win situation for the Eagles as it buys them time to see if Vick and succeed in this offense. Follow Schefter on Twitter.

Howie Roseman

Eagles GM called in to talk about the restructuring of Mike Vick's contract and the Chip Kelly press conference today. Roseman said that when Kelly first came on board he evaluated the QBS and was excited for both guys, Vick and Nick Foles to be on the roster in 2013. Roseman also compares his time with Andy Reid to the short time he has now spent with Kelly.

Top Tweets

It's a Monday edition of top tweets!

Jeff McLane

Called in to talk about the Chip Kelly press conference and Mike Vick returning to the Eagles in 2013 on a restructured contract. McLane said that he's surprised that the Eagles made this decision so quickly and didn't wait until the March deadline. On Foles: McLane said that there is more value in trading Nick Foles now that he's still in a rookie contract and showed some promise last season. Follow McLane on Twitter.

5 Questions

1. What % chance do you give Vick, Foles, or other as the starting QB Week 1?

2. What grade do you give Chip Kelly in his press conferences thus far?

3. What's the most random thing you ever broadcasted?

4. Were you a fan of Cullen Jenkins post game white tee?

5. Who is your favorite athlete's wife?

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