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Monday, December 10th 2012.

The Eagles Win

It's been over two months since the Eagles last won a game. They lost 8 games in a row at one point and hit rock bottom. Yesterday, they finally won a game and it was in the final seconds. Now the win is meaningless in the standings, except for the fact of their draft position. Mike Gill says that he's rather see a win like that from Nick Foles rather than another loss to help improve the draft.

YOU React to an Eagles Win

In this segment, I cut up a few listeners calling in and talking with Mike and Todd about an Eagles win yesterday. Some could see Andy Reid coming back next season, just with a strong-minded defensive coordinator. Others believe Nick Foles is the quarterback of the future.

Barrett Brooks

Former Eagles OL and Super Bowl champion Barrett Brooks called in and talked about the Eagles win. He answer a question Mike Gill has been asking all day: Is Andy Reid's future already sealed? Brooks: "Yes, it has. At the end of the day he is gone because Jeff Lurie has looked in those stands and has seen the fans against the team." Brooks is still confused by the game plan from Andy Reid, as Nick Foles threw the ball 51 times yesterday. Catch Barrett Brooks every Monday for his thoughts on the Eagles game.

NFL Rewind

Mike and Todd look back at Week 14 in the NFL with their NFL Rewind.

Top Tweets

It's a Monday edition of top tweets!

Jeff McLane

Covers the Eagles for The Philadelphia Inquirer. McLane still sees Reid as being gone, it's 99% certain that he will be fired because the team hasn't shown any improvement and that's something Jeff Lurie needed to see.

5 Questions

1.Temple and Todd Bowles?

2. Any optimism for NHL?

3. Pats/Texans?

4. Team To Beat in AFC/NFC?

5. Rooting For Wins or Losses From Eagles Next 3 Games?

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