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Here is today’s show: Monday August 19th 2013.

Barrett Brooks

Checked in from NFL Network for his Monday interview. Brooks said he originally had the Eagles slated for only four wins, after watching the improvements on defense against the Panthers, Brooks has them winning 6-8 games this season. Brooks also tells a story about his days playing for the Lions where Barry Sanders was the RB and he actually thinks LeSean McCoy could have a Barry Sanders type season in 2013.

Sportsbash Two-a-Days:

Atlanta Falcons:

New Orleans Saints:

Phil Sheridan

Formerly of the Philadelphia Inquirer, now with ESPN.com called in to give his views of this Eagles training camp and pre season. Sheridan said if anything is for certain this season, it's that the Eagles season will be full of intrigue. Although, Sheridan did admit that every Eagles season winds up being interesting and intriguing in the end. Sheridan also does his best to handicap the Vick and Nick Foles QB race. Follow Sheridan on Twitter.

Ryan Lawrence

Philadelphia Daily News called in to talk about the Phillies handling of the firing of Charlie Manuel last week and what he can expect to see from Ryne Sandberg the rest of this season. Also, does Lawrence think that Sandberg will be hired permanently after the season? Follow Lawrence on Twitter.