Talk about a fall from grace.

Although some would argue the word 'grace' and Allen Iverson really don't belong in the same sentence together.

Nonetheless, it has been a fall from grace for the former Sixers star and league MVP.

The fall was well chronicled in a story written in the Washington Post over the weekend.

In 2012 Iverson went through a messy divorce with his wife Tawanna, where in the report a source told Babb that half of Iverson's Reebok trust fund was transferred to Tawanna in the divorce settlement.

The fund included more than $30 million that was not to be touched until Iverson turns 55.

The author of that piece, Kent Babb joined Mike Gill on "The Sportsbash" on Monday to give more insight on the 37-year old Iverson who is three years removed from the NBA.

Babb told Mike Gill that his fall could have something to do with an alcohol problem and Iverson's refusal to acknowledge it.

Babb read through divorce court transcripts where his ex-wife implored Iverson to get help for both his alcohol dependency and their marriage.

"We don't do that," Iverson said in court.

Babb said that the saddest part about his story is that we still don't have answer of what will happen to Iverson.

"People still see the good in Iverson and people are willing to help him, but it's just not his style," Babb told Gill.

If you're pulling for the Sixers to hire Iverson in some sort of role, he'd have to seriously change his lifestyle and pursue help for multiple problems.

But as Babb said: it may not be his style.

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