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Here is today’s show: Tuesday September 17th 2013.

Philly.com on for his weekly Tuesday appearance talked about the return of Andy Reid coming up on Thursday and predicts the fan base will (should) cheer for Reid, saying that you'd have to be a real jerk to not cheer for a coach like Reid who did so much for the organization. Kempski also talks about the loss to the Chargers and whether or not help at safety is out there. Follow Kempski on Twitter.

Who's In Who's Out

Mike & Todd go over their Week 2 teams who are in and out of the playoffs!

Lloyd Vance

The NFL Rewind with Lloyd Vance on Week 2 of the NFL season.

It's a Tuesday edition of top tweets!

ESPN NFL analyst called in to talk about his first impressions about Chip Kelly and the NFL. Allen began the interview with saying that defenses will get you on film and then make you play their way. In the Eagles case, it is limiting the big plays and stopping the run. Allen also talks about the defense and asking for more consistent play from the safeties. Read up on Eric Allen here.

1. Who is most likely to break a record, will any of them?

2. Eagles on pace to gain 7,632 yards (’11 Saints 7,474)… Allow 7,368 (’12 Saints 7,042)… Which record is more likely to be broken?

3. Flyers opened their preseason… Eagles 1-1, Sixers season on the horizon, Phillies winding down… The next team to reach the finals in its sport will be?

4. Two weeks into the NFL season, what have you learned – what’s your big takeaway?

5. Soccer news for you… Barcelona signed Zico Marecaldi Junior to its training academy… He’s 9. Your thoughts?