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Here is today’s show: Tuesday September 3rd 2013.

Eagles 53-Man

Mike and Todd open up todays show by talking about the cuts Chip Kelly made over the weekend. Both Mike and Todd questioned some of the moves made on defense, keeping Casey Matthews on the roster in particular. Emmanuel Acho, Everette Brown may have deserved a spot on the roster over Matthews. On offense, Greg Salas and Russell Shepard were released and former Oregon product Jeffrey Mahl made the roster.

Who's In Who's Out


Top Tweets

Jimmy Kempski

Covering the Eagles for philly.com this season will be on 97.3 ESPN every Tuesday during the football season to break down what he's seeing from the Eagles. In today's spot, Kempski goes over the final 53 man roster and what cuts he agreed with and did not agree with. Also what he's seen out of Chip Kelly the first preseason on the job. Follow Kempski on Twitter.

5 Questions

1. What player for you symbolizes a bad Phillies baseball team/era?

2. How do you rank the Eagles in the NFC only?

3. Who will be the first Eagles player cut during the season?

4. Cody Asche, Darin Ruf and Cesar Hernandez: which player do you have your microscope on the last 3 weeks of the season?

5. Do you believe the Claude Giroux story?