Monday November 7th, 2012.

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Some election thoughts

Mike and Todd open up the show with their thoughts on last night's election where the country saw Barack Obama get re-elected for a second term. Both mentioned how they flipped back and forth through the networks to see their coverage and they were reporting the results. FOX News was very unprofessional last night, as usual, according to Mike Gill.

Marc Jackson

CSN Philly NBA analyst Marc Jackson called in to talk some hoops with Mike and Todd, he'll do so every Wednesday at 3:05. Jackson said he is somewhat worried about the health of Andrew Bynum going forward. But Jackson believes Kwame Brown is almost just as important to the Sixers team as Bynum is. The toughness and presence on the court is something that Brown gives the Sixers, especially making the bench stronger with Spencer Hawes working with the 2nd team. Sixers are New Orleans tonight to take on the Hornets, listen to that game on 97.3 ESPN FM at 8 p.m.

Leonard Weaver

A Weaver Wednesday with Leonard Weaver, he calls in Wednesdays at 2:30 to talk about the Eagles at the halfway point of the week. Weaver said the Eagles don't look like a playoff team and it might just be time for a change. He also agrees with his former coach Andy Reid in that one or two wins in a row can turn everything around. Follow Leonard Weaver on Twitter.

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

1. BUY or SELL snow in November?

2. BUY or SELL the state of Ohio?

3. BUY or SELL Sixers a playoff team with Kwame Brown starting?

4. BUY or SELL the Tony Romo conference call?

Fine 5/Ugly 5

Mike and Todd give their ugliest and best teams through Week 9 of the NFL season

Top Tweets

It's a Wednesday edition of Top Tweets!

Face of Franchise

Mike Gill went over a list of first place and playoff caliber teams in the NFL right now and what their identity is and who/what their face of the franchise is. Texans=J.J. Watt, Patriots=Brady/Belichek, 49ers=Jim Harbaugh. With the Eagles they really dont have an identity. They haven't had one all season long even in the games that they've won. Either way there are only 8 games remaining and they're going to need to find an identity fast.

Drew Pearson

Since it is Eagles/Cowboys week we got our previews started a little early with former Cowboys WR Drew Pearson, now with 103.3 ESPN in Dallas. Pearson said that much of the talk around here is the same exact talk in Dallas. Both teams sit at 3-5 and both teams are getting backlash from their fans against the coach and QB. Catch Drew Pearson weekly on 103.3 ESPN in Dallas.

5 Questions

1. Worst newscast dealing with the election?

2. Who did the best job last night?

3. Who is the worst Eagles offensive lineman?

4. How many games will Eagles win rest of year?

5. Could Jon Runyan better serve the Eagles coming out of retirement or by serving as a congressman?

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