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Wednesday January 23rd 2013.

Marc Jackson

CSN Philly NBA analyst Marc Jackson called in and talked to Mike and Todd about the Sixers struggles. Jackson doesn't believe that the players are tuning out Doug Collins. Jackson also comments on the rotation from Collins saying that "when you give a player spotty minutes, that's the worst thing you can do for that player." Jackson also believes that the Sixers are the second best team in the East with a healthy Andrew Bynum.

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

1. BUY or SELL panic with the Flyers?

2. BUY or SELL Eagles not confirming the hiring of their coaches?

3. BUY or SELL Sixers 20th in value of NBA franchises?

Jeff McLane

Called in from the Philadelphia Inquirer to talk about his time in Mobile, AL at the Senior Bowl. McLane seems to think that the Eagles will cut Mike Vick before that $3 million kicks in three days after the Super Bowl McLane also said that the Eagles would consider drafting a QB early on in the draft if Kelly believes that player is their guy. Follow McLane on Twitter.  

Top Tweets

A Wednesday edition of top tweets!

Rick Tocchet

CSN Philly hockey analyst Rick Tocchet called in to talk about the Flyers early season struggles. Tocchett talked about the defense and how much they are missing Danny Briere, especially on the power play. Tocchet also likes the rookie Scott Laughton and how he will be able to push some of the other players. Tocc also like Jakub Voracek to be paired with the "G" line.

Russell Lande

Former NFL scout and scouting director for National Football Post Russ Lande was on to give us a small sample of what is shaping up for the NFL Draft. Lande said that Ryan Nassib is one of the sure-fire top 10 QBS in the draft. He also gave us a scouting report on FSU QB EJ Manuel saying that he would fit in Chip Kelly's system, but he needs some work. Also talked about who and what positions will be considered as "impact players." Read more of Lande here.

5 Questions

1. Who is top QB in 2013 NFL Draft?

2. More likely to turn it around: Sixers or Flyers?

3. Is NFL out of bounds bullying the "Harbowl" fan?

4. Schenn deserve the suspension?

5. What kind of cheese on cheese steaks?

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