Part of the job of an NFL offensive linemen is to be an unsung hero, and if you're good enough, people around the league will begin to take notice.

The Eagles' Jason Peters was at that point - then he missed all of last season with a Achilles injury, leaving a huge hole at left tackle in 2012.  Before going down, he was arguably the best left tackle in the league.  Since then, he's ruptured his right Achilles' tendon twice.

Peters, 31, is coming off five Pro Bowl and four All-Pro selections, and his value to the Eagles is becoming more and more apparent.

"I don't think there is a player like him in the world, to be honest with you, someone that big, that fast, that athletic," said Eagles head coach Chip Kelly.  "I think I kind of ‑‑ I catch myself in practice just going wow.  He's 350 pounds, and he runs like he's a tight end."

Peter's health will be extremely important for an offensive line that struggled to keep players healthy on a consistent basis last season. It's also been key as the Eagles have employed more and more read-option plays under Kelly and Peters has the unique ability to get down-the-field and block.

"We kind of, as a staff, look at each other all the time when he does something, we just kind of look, wow," Kelly stated.  "He's a pretty amazing athlete for a guy that size."

Peter's injury seems to be behind him and so far he looks like his previous Pro Bowl and all pro self.

"I think he's an exception to every rule," Kelly explained.  "I don't think studying guys that have had Achilles injuries and saying, hey, that guy would be like Jason.  I know he didn't have any ill effects when he was here during the spring, and he hasn't shown anything.  He's not getting any extra treatment or anything like that."

Still, the reality is that Peters plays an unglamorous position, and his worth to the Eagles may go unnoticed by more casual fans. But the importance of Peter's play to the Eagles should not be understated and after last seasons fiasco on the offensive line, I don't it ever will be again.