Eagles Offense Found Itself In Second Half
The Philadelphia Eagles offense looked out of sync and sloppy in the first half of Sunday’s 37-9 win over the Dallas Cowboys. The second half was a much different story. The Eagles scored 30 unanswered points to turn a 9-7 halftime deficit into a lopsided victory.
McMullen: Elway Built ‘Soft’ Broncos
( - Motivation is a tricky tool to use when you happen to be in a high-profile environment exposed to significant media attention.
Use a kick in the butt instead of a pat on the back in the average business and the Denver Post isn't there with a voice recorder wanting an explanation.…
McMullen: Goodell Shouldn’t Get His Extension
( - In the world of aggregation, you knew what would gain traction from the latest inside look by Seth Wickersham and Don Van Natta inside the war being waged by the NFL's most powerful owner against its commissioner.
When Jerry Jones was informed by Roger Goodell that Ezekiel Elliott was…
McMullen: Sacking Jerry Jones’ Pettiness
( - If Jerry Jones wasn't so transparent, he would have had a hell of a case for removing Roger Goodell as NFL commissioner.
You start with Ray Rice and you build from there.
The problem with Jones is that he had no issues with Goodell right up until the commish made a decision that a…
McMullen: TNF Needs to Go
( - The product stinks, the players hate it, the coaches disdain it and even those paying hundreds of million for it seemingly believe it's hurting their bottom line.
Yet "Thursday Night Football" still exits, something Seattle wide receiver Doug Baldwin isn't exactly on board w…

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