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Pete Rose and Phillies: The Illusion of Morality in Sports
I am not old enough to have watched Pete Rose play Baseball but thanks to ESPN Classic and Ken Burn’s Baseball documentary series, I got to see a lot of “Charlie Hustle” to know who he is outside of the prolific statistics he compiled in his career as he b…
Markelle Fultz predicts playoffs for Sixers
Markelle Fultz isn’t lacking confidence in his new team.
Like his teammate Joel Embiid, and former Sixers great Allen Iverson, Fultz also sees a playoff appearance for the Sixers this season - his first in the NBA - and he is ready to put in the work to make it happen...
Iverson Predicts Playoffs for Sixers
If you have elevated expectations for the Sixers this season, you are not alone.
2001 NBA MVP Allen Iverson sees a playoff appearance for his former franchise.
“Our direction, man, our future is bright, Iverson said in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated...
[WATCH] Allen Iverson Scores his First Basket in BIG3 League
The BIG3 professional basketball league opened for business today at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn.
Former Sixers star Allen Iverson is the player-coach for the 3's Company team.
The league rules have the first team to 60 points winning the game and you must win by two...

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