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McMullen: ‘Brown Out’ in Cleveland
( - Some of the best lawyers in the country often have to defend the indefensible.
Sashi Brown, an attorney by trade, got that opportunity in Cleveland Monday. The problem stems from the fact that Brown was defending his own role as executive vice president of football operations for the …
Wednesday Morning QB: 10 Thoughts on the Eagles’ All-22
PHILADELPHIA ( - Here are my 10 weekly takeaways after watching the All-22 of the Eagles’ impressive season-opening win over the Cleveland Browns:
-Carson Wentz is one of the more pro-ready quarterbacks to enter the NFL in recent years and it has to do with autonomy and in…
Hicks, Wentz Grade Out as Top Eagles
PHILADELPHIA ( - Carson Wentz was spectacular in his NFL debut but there was one Eagles player who graded out even better, the quarterback of Jim Schwartz’s defense, Jordan Hicks.
According to, it was Hicks, who played 51 of Philadelphia&CloseCurlyQuot…
Grayson’s Grades: Eagles vs. Browns
PHILADELPHIA - A new era began Sunday afternoon with a nearly flawless performance by rookie quarterback Carson Wentz. New Head Coach Doug Pederson also saw his debut end very well as the Philadelphia Eagles won their season opener 29-10 over the Cleveland Browns.
McMullen’s Quick Hits: Wentz Impresses as Eagles Rout Browns
PHILADELPHIA ( - When it comes to Carson Wentz and his future in the NFL, maybe you already got the answer when the Cleveland Browns intimated that the rookie would never be a franchise-level signal caller.
After all, how many organizations have been less successful at the position than t…
Browns Believe Wentz Has Slow Release
PHILADELPHIA ( - There is a fine line between success and failure at the position Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich called the most difficult in professional sports on Thursday.
And maybe that explains how one organization can believe Carson Wentz is a future franchise quarterback …
Five on the Cleveland Browns
PHILADELPHIA ( - The 2016 season will open for the Eagles on Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field in a far different fashion than expected.
One thing that hasn’t changed over the past week, however, is the opponent and here’s what you should know about the Cle…
RG3 Says He’s Ready for Eagles
PHILADELPHIA ( - There are plenty of similarities between Robert Griffin III and Carson Wentz.
Starting with the fact that both were the No. 2 overall picks in their respective drafts and each was earmarked to be the face of a franchise...

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