Jim Schwartz

Eagles Must Identify Patriots’ Personnel at RB
BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (973espn.com) - One of the things that set Tom Brady apart from most quarterbacks is the five-time Super Bowl winner's knowledge of his offense.
Eagles coach Doug Pederson is fond of saying that his QB must "know where all the bones are buried" in the offense…
Vikings-Eagles: Shurmur’s Return is a Concern
PHILADELPHIA (973espn.com) - Things have been going pretty well for Pat Shurmur.
Back on Sunday, his play call of "Buffalo right, seven heaven" resulted in the "Minnesota Miracle," a 61-yard walk-off touchdown pass from Case Keenum to Stefon Diggs that lifted the M…
Battle in Trenches Should Decide NFC Title Game
Two of the top defenses in the league will share the same field this Sunday with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line. Both offenses will feature quarterbacks who did not start the season for their respective teams.

How will this game be decided? Likely by the big guys trying to win the battle at t…
Pederson Says Assistants Put Eagles First
PHILADELPHIA (973espn.com) - Both Jim Schwartz and John DeFilippo will have opportunities to take the next step in their professional careers this week but their current boss isn't concerned about the future impacting the work at hand.
Both Schwartz, who has lined up interviews with the New York Gian…
Eagles Must Take Advantage of Time with Top Assistants
PHILADELPHIA (973espn.com) - The machinations of the NFL's coaching carousel probably need to change but interviews of hot candidates are not a distraction
It's just business as usual in the NFL.
When you look at the playing field, each of the NFL's top four seeds is about to go through…

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