Travis Konecny

Draft Still Remains Priority in Flyers Build
With two more picks available in Friday's first round, the draft remains a priority for the Flyers. Things have changed with the makeup of the roster and the way this team has been built to this point. But not much has changed about the approach. The draft is still the foundation of future succ…
NHL Draft Preview: Recent Results at 14th and 19th Overall
Assuming the Flyers hold onto both picks, the team has a great chance to build their prospect pool even more. It is reportedly a deep draft, and recent history suggests that good prospects and potential future NHL stars can be had in the middle of the first round.
Draft Remains Important to Flyers Build
While this is an offseason where the Flyers will have some cap flexibility and be able to push forward in their building process, much of what is already part of the roster has been built through the draft. That will not change this season either, now that the Flyers have two picks and the potential…

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