Despite it being vastly under reported, the Broncos started a new QB Sunday! ESPN was so wrapped up in Whitehurst Mania out in Seattle that they hardly reported it, but being the professional that I am, I dug deep and discovered it! Its officially Tebow Time and with that, Tebow Media Conundrum Time (MUCH less catchy, MUCH more apt.) The conundrum, in a nutshell, is this: No one will just let this thing play out. No one. The Tebow lovers are ready to crank out their “WINNER/WORK HARD/HEART/HUSTLE/NEVER SAY DIE” tweets/statuses/blogs/et alli. The Tebow haters have their “NOT HARD TO BEAT THE DOLPHINS/PLAYED LIKE CRAP/GOT LUCKY” ones to retort with. The truth, as it oft does, exists in the middle. He DID play very poorly for the majority of the game…like wet garbage at some points. But he made the plays at the end of the game to score 15 unanswered points and send the game into OT, an OT period that Denver was able to win in. Granted, the Dolphins being awful at most things, including covering onside kicks, knowing the painfully obvious (Ray Charles knew the QB draw was coming for the 2 pt conversion. And he’s blind. And dead. And not a defensive coordinator.), and holding on to the ball in enemy territory during a Sudden Death period helped matters. But again, he made the plays he needed to make to win the game. My problem is that is just can’t be that. Most people will claim that they were right after Sunday, haters and lovers alike. Nothing has been answered yet, and the only way anything can be answered is by letting the kid play his career out. But we just can’t do that, can we American Sports Fan?


PS: If you're waiting for totally hypocritical prediction on Tebow's career, here it is. He reminds me of Vince Young, sans bats in the belfry. His haters will always have stats/mechanics to point to, his lovers will always have wins to point to.