Since the end of the 76ers season these has been rumors swirling for weeks about the potential of trading draft picks or one of the big men as this team moves in a "New Direction".  But something that is not being considered is the "Worse Case Scenario" type of "What If" questions:

-What If Nerlens Noel gets injured again?

-What If Joel Embiid never plays a full season because of health issues?

-What If Dario Saric is a bust?

-What If Jahlil Okafor sustains a career altering injury?

-What If you trade any of these guys too soon and they become a "Superstar" for another team while the Sixers end up with Draft Busts?

So the new argument is this: Keep all of them, let them play together, see what happens since this team is still Rebuilding.  Philadelphia Daily News 76ers Beat Writer Bob Cooney was asked on The Sports Bash on Wednesday if he would keep all the Sixers big men in house:

(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

"I absolutely would, why not? Get them all together, see what you have, see what different rotations work, see how one guys dominates one way or who plays better with another. You've gone to these depths, what is the hurry, take a look at what you have, take a look at what might work best with what. You don't know, maybe a Dario Saric just has an awesome cohesion with like a Nerlens Noel or something that is something you want to try out for 15-17 minutes a game. Maybe Jahlil Okafor and Joel Embiid are just unstoppable on the floor together and somehow find a way to play good defense down there also. I think it's incumbent upon you to do that. I hear a lot of people saying Okafor going to either Los Angeles or to Boston, my scaring thing with that is you deal him and then Embiid, God Forbid, can't get on the floor because of injuries or is hindered by the injury, now you're moving forward with just Nerlens Noel as your starting Center, is that why you went to these depths, to have that? You know of the three or four Centers that you may accumulate I think that's your least wanted option so I would be careful with unloading before you really take a good look at these guys."

Hear what Cooney had to say about who the 76ers may select with the 1st Overall Pick along with players they may be targeting for their late First Round picks and his conversation with Brett Brown right after the TV Announcement