PHILADELPHIA — For the last 38 years, the Flyers have tried getting back to where they once proudly were – on top of the hockey world.

  • Listen to Ray Ferraro from TSN Canada talk about the culture of the Flyers


Chairman Ed Snider wants so desperately to be there again and it’s clear his patience is running out.

When he was questioned about the Flyers’ perceived culture on Monday, Snider went on the offensive.

“What’s the culture?” Snider asked what the reporter thought the culture was.

“A culture that hasn’t won a championship,” the reporter answered.

Snider fired back, “We haven't won a championship, but we've been in the Stanley Cup Final a lot of times, and we've been in the playoffs a lot of times, and the culture is to win. Thirty teams are trying to win the Cup, and we're doing our damnedest to do it. That's our culture.”