New York Knicks fans haven't had a reason to watch the NBA Draft lottery in years.

Granted, many years the Knicks are packing up their lockers after just losing in the playoffs.

Other years, there's no reason to even watch the lottery because they don't have a first round pick.

MSG Network and radio host Alan Hahn went over the first round draft picks of the New York Knicks since 1987 with 40 percent of the time the Knicks not even having a first round pick.

In fact, the last player the Knicks selected to go on and win Rookie of the Year was Mark Jackson. He was selected in 1987.

Here's a look back at what happened and why to the Knicks first round draft picks:


1988 - 11th overall pick went to Bulls in a swap of picks via the Charles Oakley trade. Bulls took Will Perdue. Knicks grabbed Rod Strickland at No. 19.

1989 - No. 22 pick went to Blazers (Byron Irvin) via Kiki Vandeweghe trade.

1993 - No. 26 pick went to Orlando (Geert Hammink) via 3-team trade (Clippers) for Charles Smith and Doc Rivers.

1995 - No. 24 pick went to Mavericks (Loren Meyer) via Rolando Blackman trade.

1998 - No. 16 pick went to Rockets (Bryce Drew) from Blazers, originally from Chris Dudley trade.

2000 - Acquired No. 18 pick from Raptors in Dudley trade, then flipped it later to 76ers for rights to Mirsad Turckan.

2001 - No. 18 pick went to Rockets (Jason Collins), originally to Suns in Luc Longley trade.

2002 - No. 7 pick (Nene) went to Nuggets via Antonio McDyess trade.

2004 - No. 16 pick (Kirk Snyder) went to Jazz, originally to Suns in Stephon Marbury trade.

2006 - No. 2 pick (LaMarcus Aldridge) went to Bulls in Eddy Curry trade.

2007 - No. 9 pick (Joakim Noah) went to Bulls as swap in Curry trade. Used No. 23 to take Wilson Chandler.

2010 - No. 9 pick (Gordon Heyward) went to Jazz, via Suns, via Marbury trade.

2012 - No. 16 pick went to Rockets (Royce White) via Jared Jeffries/Jordan Hill salary dump trade.

2014 - Lottery pick goes to Magic (Dwight Howard trade) via Nuggets via Carmelo Anthony trade.

As you can see, the Knicks could have wound up with New York native Joakim Noah, Nene, and LaMarcus Aldridge.

The NBA Draft lottery is Tuesday night on 97.3 ESPN FM beginning at 8 p.m.