John Mayberry homered, doubled and drove in four runs in Wednesday's 9-8 win over the Twins - but now is the perfect time to send him down to AAA.

I sent this tweet out last night:

If I am Ruebn or Charlie...John Mayberry gets sent to AAA right after this game. His at-bat is everything that's wrong with this team.

Mayberry stuck out with the bases loaded and one out with a chance to add some insurance runs.  Sure he had already had four RBI and hit a Home Run.  However, it was his approach that showed me he simply doesn't belong.

The reaction I got was as if Mayberry was hitting .285 with 15 home runs and 35 RBI and was just ready to come out of a little slump.  Hardly, Mayberry's at-bat with the bases leaded and one out are exactly what is wrong with this team.
His approach at the plate is dismal and his hits in the game were just his third and fourth hits for the entire month of June.
So last night on a night when he hits a home run and drives in four of your team's runs - that's the perfect time for a wake-up call to the rest of the guys.
Even though he had a good game he has had an awful season, I am not going to allow one game overshadow how poor he has been, hitting just .227 on the season with three home runs and 16 RBI.
He has struckout 44 times in 59 games including last night with the bases loaded and one out.
Sure many players with much better track records then Mayberry have done the same thing in the same situation.  But on a team that needs a fire lit - maybe sending a message to a player who really is nothing more then a AAAA player, on a night when he helps the team wins lets the players know that we finally mean business.
I was asked last night, if they send Mayberry down, who plays left field against lefties?  Easy, Juan Pierre he is a career .305 hitter versus left-handed pitching.  The one area that you will lose is Myaberry is a very good defensive player, something Pierre is not.
To make this point, I am willing to sacrifice for the time being.

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