Move along, there's nothing to see here -- at least according to Eagles quarterback Michael Vick and his head coach, Andy Reid.  On Monday, Reid caused quite a stir when he didn't give Vick the firmest of backings when asked if he'd have to consider making a switch if his quarterback's turnovers continued.

“Right now, we’re with Michael [Vick] and that’s what we’re doing and so, we’ll evaluate as we go,” said Reid.

Today, Reid backtracked quickly.

“Well, it was the way that it was interpreted," Reid said. "That’s not what I had in mind. [Eagles director of football media services] Derek [Boyko] explained to me how it was interpreted and so, I’ve talked to Mike, made sure I mentioned it on my radio show. You guys are very good at what you do, so I [want to] make sure we clarify it. Bad semantics there.

“Michael is our starting quarterback.”

 Vick downplayed things as well.

“We talked about it," said Vick. "We spoke about it but it wasn’t anything serious. We’re in a position where we have to look forward to this week. We have to get ready for this game [and] that’s what is most important."

Of course, the bigger issue is what transpires on the field, where the Eagles lead the NFL with 12 turnovers, and nine of them were credited to Vick, enough alone to edge out every other team in the league.

“I’m very concerned about the turnovers," Vick said. "Being the competitor that I am, I understand that you have to protect the football. I cut back on the interceptions last week and had two fumbles but it’s something that I know I can get corrected.”

Vick has taken a ton of hits through the first three weeks of the season, and some of that blame falls on him to adjust protection schemes.  Some, but not all.

“Well, there’s more to it than that," Reid said. "We’ve got to protect too. We’ve got to make sure we’re calling the right plays and putting him in a good position. I mean, there are a lot of things that go into that, so we’ve addressed that and we’ve all got to get better at our job and Michael, you asked about Michael, Michael included. He understands that. We all need to do better and that’s what we’re going to take care of this week.”

The Eagles host the Giants on Sunday Night Football at 8:20.  The game will be broadcast on 97.3 ESPN FM, with pregame coverage starting at 7 p.m.
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