If you thought Jahlil "Mike Tyson" Okafor only got into one fight that night in Boston, think again.

TMZ has uncovered a second video which clearly shows Okafor throwing punches and getting physical with what seems to be another heckler.

Witnesses at the scene told TMZ that the second fight came after the first fight, a little further down the street in Boston.

The video is a bit grainy, but you can hear yelling and shouting along with an angry Okafor being held back by multiple people. Okafor finally breaks away and the fight then begins.

Additionally, a witness told TMZ that it was Okafor who "hit the guy with a hay maker."

The Boston Police Department has since told TMZ that charges are likely to be filed in this case.

The Sixers have chosen to keep matter surrounding Okafor in house and not much has been heard from the front office on the matter. Sixers head coach Brett Brown along with Okafor have been the only Sixers speaking on the topic.

A suspension could be coming.

Video below by TMZ: