The Sixers were right to trade Thaddeus Young.

He's a player who, as much as I like him, would not be around beyond the 2014-15 season. Sam Hinkie and the Sixers were right to get something for him while they could.

Sixers insider Derek Bodner on Young deal:

Minnesota beat reporter Jeff Zgoda on Thad Young deal: 

The pick they got back was a fair return for Young. Not necessarily a great return, as Miami, even with Luol Deng replacing LeBron James, and even with the aging and injury-plagued new "Big 3", should be a top 4 team in the East if they are somehow able to remain relatively healthy, a feat which would seem like a minor miracle considering the recent injury histories of Dwyane Wade and Deng. Should that happen, though, that would put the pick somewhere in the 18-22 range. But, with the chance that Wade or Deng could miss significant time ever looming, there's a chance that the pick turns into a mid-teens draft selection and gives Sam Hinkie another valuable asset for a player who wasn't going to provide returns for much longer.

It was also quite possibly the right time to make the trade. With the specter of the 2014 NBA trade deadline still looming, which saw zero first round draft picks change hands, there was no guarantee that a better deal would have been available had Hinkie held on to Thad.