When DeAndre Jordan spurned Dallas Mavericks fans during the off season, you knew he'd forever be a villain in that city.

The Los Angeles Clippers center came to town on Wednesday night and was booed (and hacked) virtually every time he touched the basketball.

ESPN carried the game, with the top crew of Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy broadcasting it.

Van Gundy has been known from time to time to speak what is on his mind no matter if it has to do with the game he's analyzing, or not.

Tonight was no different.

As Jordan was getting booed at the start of the game, Van Gundy decided to go in on the Dallas sports fans serenading him with the heckling.

"I would also, Mike, like the Dallas fans to acknowledge the sheer lunacy and absurdity that they’re booing DeAndre Jordan tonight, and they’ll be cheering someone like Greg Hardy on Sunday. That, to me, is absurd. All this guy did was change his mind," Van Gundy said.

A tremendous and raw point made by Van Gundy.

Hardy has been at the center of criticism since photographs and transcripts were leaked to Deadspin detailing his actions in a domestic abuse case last year.

Hardy remains on the Cowboys and will undoubtedly be cheered on Sunday afternoon as his team is in Tampa to take on the Buccaneers.

Here's the video below: