Chip Kelly Press Conference

Here is a little bit of the Chip Kelly introductory press conference.

KC Joyner

The Football Scientist called in to talk about the Chip Kelly hire. Joyner isn't very high on Chip Kelly and doesn't think his offense will translate well to the NFL. Defenses in the NFL are far different than they are in college. Joyner also previews Championship weekend in the NFL on Sunday. Follow Joyner on Twitter.

Mike Granieri

Got former Mainland and UNH QB Mike Granieri on the phone to talk about the Chip Kelly hire. Granieri said that Kelly was the "best coach I've ever played for." Granieri played under him for two years when Kelly was at UNH as a QB coach/Offensive Coordinator.

Howie Roseman

Eagles GM called in to talk about the hiring of Chip Kelly and how it all came about. Roseman said there were a lot of other candidates in the college ranks and in the NFL that they were confident in them being the next head coach of the Eagles. Roseman also discusses the Manti Teo' story and how he would approach a player with an issue like that.

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