Birds 24/7 Eagles Report Josh Paunil was in North Dakota for the 2016 NFL Draft getting insights about who Carson Wentz is and where he comes from.  As a guest on The Sports Bash Wednesday, Paunil elaborated on what North Dakota fans think Eagles fans can expect from the new rookie quarterback:

"The most common thing that people said to me in Bismark (North Dakota) was that Philadelphia sports fans are going to love (Carson Wentz) because he's a Blue Collar, rugged type of guy, hard working, he's not really going to be very flashy. Someone close to him made the joke that you're not going to see him at a club going out at night and they talked about how he would be back at home watching film and maybe if he's having a crazy night be playing board games with his girlfriend. The common sentiment was 'Eagles fans are going to love this guy'"

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