Some people may dread this idea, others may be behind it; whatever your position is on the Eagles Quarterback Situation for the 2016 season, we know that new Head Coach Doug Pederson is bringing a new offense to town.  We also know that Doug Pederson was part of the development of Donovan McNabb in 1999.  Pederson opened that season as the team's starting Quarterback and for most of his career he was the backup for Brett Favre in Green Bay.  This Head Coach is familiar with with Quarterback development at different stages of players' careers.  Just look at Alex Smith's growth in Kansas City with Pederson as a coach.

Lets assume Sam Bradford goes to another franchise, the Eagles go into the draft with the intent of drafting a Quarterback that fits what Pederson is looking for to run his offense.  Here is a quick look at the Quarterback's that would fit into what this new Eagles offense wants to do in 2016:


Potential First Round Selection: Carson Wentz (North Dakota St)

(Photo by David K Purdy/Getty Images)

Wentz played for one of the top FCS schools in the country where his teams defeated FBS schools such as Iowa State, Kansas State and Colorado State.  Carson is a 6'6'' big arm player with underrated mobility and accuracy who is one of the most NFL ready Quarterbacks in this year's draft.  His skill set would work well within the structure of Doug Pederson's offense which involves progression reads and Tight Ends being top tier targets in the passing game.  Also Wentz has experience in high pressure games, something that will prepare him for the mental grind of the NFL.


Potential Second/Third Round Selection: Travis Wilson (Univ of Utah)

Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

Wilson, like Wentz, is a Senior Quarterback who started multiple seasons for his team in an offense that requires the Quarterback to make reads and orchestrate an offense.  Wilson is also tall, standing at 6'7" with a strong arm and underacted athleticism.   The major difference between Wilson and Wentz is their body of work in college; while Wentz was contending yearly for FCS National Championships in a Pro style offense, Wilson was running a spread offense at a school that was mid-level in the PAC-12.  Wilson projects to be a solid NFL Quarterback so waiting until the third round to get Wilson would be a savvy move allowing the Eagles to address other needs in the first two rounds.


Potential Fourth/Fifth Round Selection: Dak Prescott (Mississippi State)

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Prescott falls into the category of a Project Quarterback after playing his college years in a spread offense that used the QB as a running option.  Prescott showed the last two season he has the arm strength and pocket presence that is necessary to be a starter in the NFL.  Prescott is also athletically the same build as Kansas City Chiefs QB Alex Smith; Smith also came from a College Spread offense with the running option in college.  Drafting Prescott would allow him sit for a year while the Eagles play a veteran at the signal caller position to allow Dak to learn the ways of an NFL offense.