released its "way too early" power rankings right after the Super Bowl.

After finishing the season with a 7-9 record and change on the way, where they placed the Eagles should not come as a big surprise.

Big decisions still are coming, most notable, what they are going to do with Sam Bradford. The rankings had the Eagles slotted as the 20th best team in the NFL, one spot ahead of the Giants and behind both the Cowboys and Redskins.

Here is that they said:

Why they're here: A true mystery team going into 2016, the Eagles have in some ways returned to the Andy Reid era by hiring Doug Pederson as the head coach. But so much could look different in 2016.

What could change: New head coach. New offensive philosophy. A new defensive philosophy. A new QB if Sam Bradford doesn't re-sign. A sign of optimism? Start on defense: In 2014 the Jim Schwartz-coached Bills defense was arguably the best in the NFL. Last year it fell off a cliff under Rex Ryan's direction. Now Schwartz gets to work with a talented Eagles core. Don't be surprised if they spike.