In Wednesday Night's win, Phillies Opening Day Starting Pitcher Jeremy Hellickson pitched eight innings, allowed one run and struck out eight Marlins hitters.  Hellickson is expected to be traded before the MLB Trade Deadline and because of this expectation, Pitching Prospect Jake Thompson had his spot in the pitching rotation at Triple-A lined up with Hellickson.  In 19 starts Thompson has posted a 9-5 record and 2.29 ERA.

Phillies Beat Writer Ryan Lawrence joined The Sports Bash on Wednesday and discussed Jake Thompson potentially replacing Jeremy Hellickson in the Phillies' rotation:

Elsa/Getty Images

"His ERA in his last nine starts in Triple-A is under 1.00, it might even be closer to .5, he’s crushing it in the International League right now - again, the International League is not the Major League though. I think the one thing that he hasn’t shown quite yet is his strikeout stuff, pitching for contact is a lot tougher at Triple-A than it is up here. I’m not saying he won’t have stuff when he comes up here, I’m definitely not saying that. I think that he deserves a look, I think he’ll get a look. I think this’ll be Jeremy Hellickson’s last start at home, so I think Thompson will be here after he gets traded, there’s no question Hellickson gets traded.”

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