Which doesn't exactly evoke the relief you'd figure that type of admission -- like the one Babin gave to 97.3 ESPN-FM with Mike Gill and Todd Ranck Friday -- would. Much more of a head-scratcher, actually.

Ultimately: If Babin, who,  yeah, seems a totally forward straight-shooter (too soon?), would defer to any and all request by the organization to not purposely insert himself in the way of droves of over-stressed, under-fed, 3,000-plus pound cattle tear-assing through the cobble-stoned streets of Pamplona, Spain, yet still intends to do so, there's (really) only one noteworthy takeaway:

The Eagles haven't yet asked him not to.

Our question: Why?

Do they not take the guy seriously? Dude just spent about a week gunning down (or trying to; he didn't actually get any) grizzlies in Alaska. His craziness conjures endorsements like these, from teammates like Jason Kelce yesterday.

Said Kelce: "I think he's dead serious. To tell you the truth, I'm a little nervous about growing my beard out a little longer, 'cause I'm thinking he might turn a gun on me if I let it go any further. ... Babin's a crazy dude, and he's gonna do anything that puts his life in jeopardy for whatever reason."

Even if they didn't, even if they figured it all figurative "steam," wouldn't you at least drop the guy a line or text or call, for an obligatory, "Just In Case You Were Serious..." call? Or do or say or suggest anything? Anything at all?

Per these context clues from this answer to that very "You Serious, Bro?" question, apparently not.

Said Babin Friday: "I guess when I mentioned it, I didn't realize it was (gonna) cause this much ruckus. ... Obviously, they're my boss. I probably have more than one boss. Plural. Bosses. If they said to me, 'Jason, don't do it,' I mean, I'm not -- I'm the kind of person who's going to listen to my boss. There's no reason to defy them."

Nor is there any reason the Eagles shouldn't have already told him not to.

So far as we know, they haven't. What else are we to believe? Earlier in the interview, Babin shrugged off the dangerousness of the endeavor, noting that, yeah, "while it might seem scary or dangerous to some people, but, someone that has the experience and knowledge and been around animals, it might seem not so dangerous." Which, to us at least, reads as code for: "Yeah bro, I'm totally doing this." At least to date.

It should be noted: Babin acknowledged the likelihood that there's contractual legalese that wouldn't exactly jibe well in the event the guy gets gored. (Which, needless to say, we're adamantly hoping doesn't happen. For reasons well beyond the selfishness of our sports fan compulsions.) Why hasn't anyone in the organization assumed it's rightful role, to save the guy from himself if need be?

Which prompts us to offer this harmonious request: Eagles brass, please tell the guy not to tempt fate? (And about-a-ton frothing farm animals?) Pretty please?

Listen to the full interview: