The last Phillie to bring home a batting title was Richie Ashburn back in 1958. Could Ben Revere be the next in line?


With 23 games left to play in the 2014 major-league baseball season, Phillies OF Ben Revere leads all NL hitters batting .314. Chasing him is former 2006 American League MVP Justin Morneau, the Rockies' first basemen, who is just two points behind Revere. The Pirates' Josh Harrison is currently third, batting .310.

Revere is batting .324 over his last 28 games, and is batting .370 in his last six. With an at-bat/strikeout ratio at a league-best 12.7, Ben Revere has shown he has the knack for finding gaps in the opposition's defense. A groundball, singles hitter, with little to no power, its astonishing that Revere is even in this position. His slugging percentage is a paltry .369, with only 19 extra-base hits, including his lone home-run back in May, but power doesn't always dictate who the batting champion will be.

Ben Revere isn't a slugger, he's a hitter, and if he keeps it up at this rate, he may be the first Phillie to win a batting a tittle in 56 years.