The 2016 NFL Draft has been turned upside down after the Los Angeles Rams traded up to 1st Overall.  The domino effect is there could be players available for the Eagles to choose from at 8th overall they may not have expected.  But Scott Wright of told Mike Gill on Friday that Vernon Hargreaves makes the most sense for Philadelphia:

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

"The name we haven't mentioned yet that I think might even the most likely at this point, how about Vernon Hargreaves III the Cornerback from Florida? (Eagles) traded Byron Maxwell and even with Maxwell they had a lot of questions in the secondary so Cornerback is arguably their most pressing need right now and Vernon Hargreaves is a heck of a player. The only thing wrong with him is he is about an inch and a half shorter than you would prefer. But he's the clear cut number two Corner in this Draft behind Jalen Ramsey and I think he'd make a lot of sense for the Eagles at that number 8 too. And it would make sense if he was their target why they traded up where they did because I don't think they would've got Hargreaves at 13 but they'll probably get a chance at him at 8. So if they moved up with a target in mind Hargreaves would make a lot of sense from a value and need perspective."

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