We know the Eagles have met with and had private workouts with several 2016 NFL Draft Quarterback Prospects.  ESPN NFL Insider Adam Caplan said on The Sports Bash Monday afternoon that this is not a smoke screen, that the team is still in search of the Franchise Quarterback for the future:

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

"Just so we're clear, (NFL) Teams don't generally do smoke screens, they don't waste their own time. What they generally will do is, they're not usually happy when the information gets out but in the Eagles case the information got out. Jeffrey Lurie the owner was on the trip out west when they worked a bunch of Quarterbacks out and they met privately with these players."

"I think it's a situation where they look at Sam Bradford's contract, as it was explained to me, and they look at it as a one year deal. They really don't know who the future Quarterback's going to be beyond past 2016. They'd like to settle on one Quarterback for several years ahead. Right now based on Sam Bradford's contract they don't know who that Quarterback's going to be and that's why right now when you're picking at (8th overall) you got a chance to trade up again to get a Franchise type Quarterback. That's why I think their interest was serious in the 1st Pick overall but of course the Rams were able to get that pick last week."

Hear what Caplan about the top three Draft Quarterback prospects Paxton Lynch, Jared Goff, and Carson Wentz, also he explains what players he think will be available to the Eagles if they stay put at 8th overall