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Take a Swing at Improving Your Golf Game (WATCH)
Whether you are a beginner or avid golfer, you are most likely always working toward a improving your game. Golf professional Aaron Bada has developed The Golf Specific Fitness system to keep you fit and help you reduce your risk of injury and lower your score.
Local Events and Memorials for 15th Anniversary of 9/11
It is hard to believe but the 15th anniversary of the most horrific terrorist attack in our nation is next Sunday.  I recently visited New York and saw 9/11 memorial reflecting pools that sit in the footprint of the two towers, inscribed with the names of those who were lost. To see those names and remember that day is a deeply sobering experience.
Concussion - Is Your Kid at Risk?
The much anticipated movie, simply titled "Concussion", a dramatic movie staring Will Smith that is  based on the unbelievable story of American immigrant Dr. Bennet Omalu, the forensic neuropathologist who made the first discovery of football-related brain trauma in a pro player and fought for the truth to be known. The...
There are big changes you need to know about for flood insurance on your primary home that could save you a ton. Barbara Lee at Glenn Insurance explains these new changes and what you need to do to save on your insurance policy. She tells us about it on Living Well with Robin Stoloff. Listen every Sunday 9-11am on Lite Rock 96.9 FM.
Healthy Aging Tips
It is unavoidable, we all get older.  But how do we maintain good health as we age.  Physical fitness and healthy eating habits are key to living a longer, happier, healthier life.
Preventing Injuries As We Age
Physical activity is important throughout our lives and can keep us feeling and looking young. But as we get older our bodies slow down and we are more prone to injuries. I personally have had shoulder surgery from making one too many serves on the tennis court!
Living Gluten-Free
Whether you just have an intolerance to gluten or you have Celiac Disease, avoiding gluten can be tricky, but not impossible.  Believe it or not, this local gastroenterologist, who treats patients with Celiac, has the disorder herself.
Time Out
The time out can be very effective – no we are not talking football, but discipline for kids. If you are the parent or grand-parent of young children, you might have used this technique once or twice.  Experts say it can be effective if used properly.  For instance, keep time outs brief – under a minute for each year of age.

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