According to head coach Andy Reid, DeSean Jackson has "a couple of fractured ribs up high in his chest" and will be put on the injured reserve list later today.

League rules allow for multiple types of IR, some season-ending others that allow for players to return for conference championship games.

Reid said that he and general manager Howie Roseman will convene to decide whether it's best to have Jackson return in a season assured to be .500 or worse.

When asked for a timetable given the specifics of Jackson's injury, Reid said estimated "six weeks, possibly," which would spill into January, in which the 2012 Eagles won't have business.

Reid also said that he had a "pretty good grasp" on the nature of the injury, diminishing the possibility of a surprise development that, no matter the result of some behind-closed doors strategizing with Roseman, would land Jackson on the field before 2013.

Jackson left the field in the first quarter of last night's 30-22 loss to the Panthers with what initially appeared to be a collarbone injury.

This season, Jackson had just 700 yards and two touchdowns on 45 receptions, all now seemingly clinched as career lows.

He was targeted 85 times overall, and 11 in Nick Foles two starts, though he saw only two balls thrown his way last night.