Many crawlspaces are built with foundation vents which are designed to help keep moisture problems in check. However, research indicates such vents may actually allow in more moisture than they block. Traditional vented crawlspaces have one vent for every 150 square feet and one vent from each corner of the crawlspace. Some also feature fan systems to draw additional moist air into the crawlspace.

15,000 fires break out because of lint build up each year because of lint in the dryer

Rapid response to water damage is critical. Within minutes of water exposure, stains released from furniture can permanently discolor carpet. In days, mould and the distinctive musty odor appear. If left unresolved even longer, mould can penetrate organic host materials (such as paneling, wood floors and paper covering sheetrock).

Frequently Asked Questions

My property suffered damages. What should i do?
You should report the damages to your insurance company as soon as possible.

I contacted my insurance company or agent and reported the damages or left a message. Now what should i do?
If you spoke with someone at your insurance company or agent’s office, they may have provided you with names of some restoration general contractors.

Can i contact the company i would like to utilize for repairs, or do i have to have the repairs completed by whoever my insurance company refers?
You can have anyone you want repair the damages. However, please understand that your insurance company will only pay for what is covered, at a reasonable cost, one time.