Tuesday 7.7.15 on The Sportsbash:

A very cool thing that the Philadelphia Flyers do annually is when they invade our area for "The Trial on the Isle." Each year during the team's instructional training camp, the orginizations bring 30-40 of the newcomers to the franchise to participate in a day of hard work and competition. The rookies also get a chance to interact with some devoted fans who make it out in the early morning.

Flyers head athletic trainer and strength and conditioning coach, Jim McCrossin, called in to 97.3 ESPN FM on Tuesday afternoon to discuss the competition that he runs down here and comments as to how special it is for the rookies to get a bit of a break from the week long instruction they receive.

McCrossin also talks about the 19-year career he's had with the Flyers and discusses some of his former players he's trained over the years. With him being a trainer, he is asked just where in the world did the upper body/lower body injury game come from? Jim McCrossin does a good job absolving himself!