Are you looking for a great dining experience this summer in South Jersey? Maybe you've decided to try something new and you are looking for a good suggestion. You have come to the right place!

Here Are 15 South Jersey Restaurants You Must Try This Summer

This list includes restaurants from different counties -- Atlantic, Cape May, lower Ocean, and Cumberland, different specialties -- ethnic, American, farm-to-table, bar food  --  and different styles of service. The one thing they all have in common is really good food.

How Did These Restaurants Get on This List?

With suggestions for our listeners, I put together a list of restaurants from around South Jersey that are worthy of your time and patronage.

Why This Particular Group of Restaurants?

Because many of these restaurants don't always get their fair share of attention for their quality food, you might not have been aware of what you were missing.

Hopefully, by shining a light of recognition on these great restaurants, we can make sure more people get to appreciate their great food.

15 South Jersey Restaurants You Must Try This Summer

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