From Galloway Township Police Department Facebook:

"****UPDATE!! The bull has been corralled and reunited with his owner. Thank you to everyone for staying clear of the area.****"


Original Article:

Galloway Township Police are warning residents to be cautious of a loose bull. No bull, really, there's a bull on the loose in Galloway.

In a Facebook post with some of the funniest comments you are likely to see on social media this year, Galloway Township Police -- as of 11 am Tuesday -- say they are in the area of Duerer Street and Vienna Avenue attempting to corral a loose bull.

Some roads may be temporarily shut down, and we ask that the public stay clear of the area until the situation is resolved and the bull is safely secured.

We wish the police the best at their job today. At least it's not the same old bull. As one commenter said, "Hopefully it will be steered in the right direction with no mis-steaks."

Galloway police have promised to provide updates as soon as they are avail-a-bull. Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

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