Linwood Police are warning that two women may have been sickened after touching a piece of blue painter's tape left on their vehicle.

In a Facebook message posted over the weekend, Linwood Police say that on May 19, two women flagged down a Linwood Police officer to report a concerning incident.

The women said they returned to their vehicle to find a piece of blue painter's tape stuck to the rear window.

The women told police that they were feeling odd after touching the tape and they believed they may have been exposed to a dangerous substance.

Not taking any chances, the women were taken to Shore Medical Center for observation.

Linwood police say despite their investigation, they were not able to find evidence or witnesses to the affixing of tape to this vehicle.

Police say they weren't also weren't able to find the piece of blue tape at the scene, so it could not be analyzed to determine whether it contained any substances.

The police don't know if this is an isolated incident, a new trend, or whether there was any intent to harm individuals, but they wanted the public to be aware of this situation.

The Linwood Police Department is urging you to remain aware and avoid touching any suspicious objects that appear out of place. If you encounter any suspicious object on or around your vehicle, please do not touch it and contact the Linwood Police Department immediately at 609-927-5252 or call 911.

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