The owner of Caroline's Fashion Luxuries in Margate is estimating a loss of over $300,000 in merchandise during the smash & grab robbery early Tuesday morning at the store on Ventnor Avenue.

Smash & Grab Robbery at Margate Fashion Boutique

Margate Police responded to Caroline's Fashion Luxuries at 9412 Ventnor Ave at about 2:40 am on Tuesday, July 9th.

Police received an alarm call and several 911 calls from witnesses saying that thieves had broken the front window of the store and stolen items out of a display case.

The suspects then fled in a vehicle on Ventnor Avenue.

In a release on Facebook, Margate City Police say they spent several hours at the scene looking for evidence and trying to gather surveillance video footage to get a good look at the suspects and the vehicle they were driving.

What Was Stolen During Robbery?

Thieves made off with over $300,000 in top-of-the-line labels such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Tiffany & Co. during Tuesday's robbery, according to 6ABC.

That doesn't count the significant damage done to the store during the crime, according to the owner, Caroline Yosef, who opened the Margate boutique this spring.

The high-end re-sale store also has locations in Cherry Hill and Haddonfield.

Caroline's Luxuries in Haddonfield had a similar issue in May when burglars stole thousands in luxury goods at 1:30 am by using a sledgehammer to break into the display cases at the store directly across the street from the Haddonfield Police Station.

Caroline's specializes in the resale of authentic luxury designer handbags, fine jewelry, shoes, and women's accessories. Some of the items cost as much as $10,000.

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