There was a lot of concern from Sixers fans about Joel Embiid.  

Many detractors of the "Process" wondered if they would ever see one of the key pieces ever step on the floor. So far this preseason, his playing time has gradually increased from 12 to 18 minutes, as the team prepares him to play 20-24 minutes on opening night.

The Sixers brass had announced that while Embiid appears ready to play, they would take it easy with him, not using him on back-to-back nights.

However it appears that Embiid is ready for more time.

The big man said before tonight's game with the Pistons that he would like to play on back-to-back nights, telling reporters before the game:

"I don't think it was going to be for the whole season, maybe for the beginning, but in my mind I always thought eventually I was going to play back-to-back."

The Sixers have 17 back-to-back games this season and it sounds like Embidd plans on playing in most of them.

"I am not going to miss more than five, eventually I knew I was going to play back-to-backs. I don't want to miss any games, in two years, I am happy to be back on the court and I just want to stay there."

Sixers coach Brett Brown also seems to think Embiid could be ready to handle more minutes.

Its an important step for Embiid and he continues to show that he is past the foot injury that robbed him of his first two season in Philadelphia.  He posted his first double-double on Thursday night in Washington, showing the ability to stand-out on both sides of the floor.

Embiid has been as advertised so far, regardless of how many wins the team ends up with, if he makes it through the season with no issues with his foot - that's a win for the Sixers.