In Sunday's win Rookie Carson Wentz continued his excellent stretch of play with 301 Passing Yards, Two Touchdown Passes, and a Completion Percentage of 74.2%.  On the season Wentz ranks in the Top Ten among NFL Quarterbacks in Touchdown Passes (5) and Passer Rating (103.8) along with throw Zero Interceptions. NFL Insider KC Joyner was a guest on The Sports Bash on Monday and discussed what stands out to him about Wentz's play this season:

“One of the things that stands out for Wentz to me is that he has no interceptions, he's got the NFL record for most passes in the beginning of a career without throwing an interception. He doesn't have any bad decisions in there either, this is not a matter of just luck and happenstance where he is at zero interceptions....He's got no near Interceptions, it's not like he's had a couple passes that could've been picked and got dropped, there nothing that's even been a near Interception this year....He's doing fantastic in every way you could imagine."

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