May is Celiac Awareness Month and ShopRite has everything you need to be on a gluten-free diet!

-Many products are naturally gluten-free such as dairy, meat, fruits and vegetables!
-Gluten-free grains include rice, quinoa, millet, and corn to name a few!
-There are special areas in our grocery, frozen, and even bakery departments reserved just for gluten-free items!
-Preparing a meal for a person on a gluten-free diet? Try your best to use new cookware or keep a set of “gluten-free” knives, forks, and pans on hand.
-ALWAYS read the ingredient lists on the label.
-Don’t forget to use our color-coded shelf tags that helps identify our gluten-free items!
-Try ShopRite’s new gluten-free pizza! Serve it with a huge side salad topped with gluten-free dressing and you are good to go!

Need more help? Ciara can take you around the ShopRite of Somers Point to locate all gluten-free areas!

For more Free Healthy tips, contact Jesse Tannehill, the in-store Dietitian of Somers Point or Elise Deming, the in store dietitian of Hammonton and Landis.