The last time Mike Vick wore an Atlanta Falcons uniform, some thought it was exactly that.

The last time.

After Vick was arrested and incarcerated for his involvement in a dog fighting ring, leaving his Atlanta Falcons without a quarterback, many thought Vick would never be seen from ever again.

His resurgence with the Philadelphia Eagles both on and off the field has left the QB quite desirable in NFL circles.

Vick, a free agent, was asked on Twitter if he'd ever consider returning to the place where his career all began.

This response accomplishes two things: 1. Vick is open with the idea of a reunion with the Falcons, 2. Vick thinks his football career is far from over.

Now Vick is on record as saying that he wants to be a starter next season so his chances of upsetting Matt Ryan in Atlanta as the starter are almost non existent.

With Arther Blank still owning the Falcons, there's always a chance:

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