Someone is always watching you.

Thats what Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has learned since his 'disoriented' incidental step towards the field during a return by the Ravens Jacoby Jones.

Pittsburgh based KDKA has released new, never-before-seen video from Thanksgiving night in which its shows Tomlin appearing to step towards the field across the white line into the field of play during the return.

Tomlin also appears to then play it off as an innocent mistake after realizing he's in the field of play.

The video is shot from the opposite end zone from the kick off and Tomlin is clearly seen watching the play unfold on the big screen jumbo tron.

If the Steelers or the NFL hasn't seen this angle of the controversy, don't shoot the messenger.

The NFL is said to still be reviewing the play and what, if any punishment should be delivered.

Check out the video below: