Each week on your FAVORITE Midday Radio Program, Just a Bit Outside, Joe Giglio and myself reveal our Top 5 teams in each conference. We call this ground-breaking, highly anticipated feature: THE FORMIDABLE FIVE! I don't quite know how to title this each week. Is this Formidable Five for Week 10? Week 11? Week 10.5? I don't quite know. But here's what I do know...these are the five best teams in the NFC.

5. Chicago Bears: After demolishing the Lions for their fourth straight victory, its time to take these Bears seriously. Mike Martz has FINALLY figured out that Jay Cutler is not Kurt Warner and is funneling the offense through his elite level RB Matt Forte (somewhere Marshall Faulk is saying "TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH!"). The defense is tough and gritty, exactly what you except when you see the orange "C" on the side of a helmet. This Bears club could be headed to the postseason...AGAIN!

4. New York Giants: Nothing is easy for this club. It feels like every game comes down to one possession, one throw, one kick etc. Eli Manning has been performing on an MVP level, but one has to be troubled by their 29th ranked rushing attack. Defensively, there are holes, but the pass rush has been good enough to fill the holes it took to fill the Albert Hall. Rumors of another second half Coughlin Collapse are being greatly exaggerated right now...going 1-1 in the NE/SF road bender was imperative and they did just that.

3. New Orleans Saints: We can thank Mike Smith for this ranking. The Falcons were on the cusp of seizing control of the NFC South, until Mike Smith decided he was me playing Madden. You have to be worried about the defense, which allowed the Falcs to march down the field and send Sunday's game into OT, but the Saints offense is as explosive as advertised. If they can keep the pace in the NFC South and pick up some playoff home games, we're dealing with a contender for certain.

2. San Francisco 49ers: Raise your hand if you had ANYONE from the NFC West as a "Likely Title Game Participant" in your "Oddly Specific NFL Props" pool. What can you say about this Niners squad? Alex Smith is finally successful, Frank Gore has found the fountain of youth, the linebacker corp is the best in the league, and Jim Harbaugh has Coach of the Year all but locked up. But how about some bashing of the prior administration? They were 3-6 as this juncture last season. They are 8-1 right now, with very little roster difference. Mike Singletary, Ladies and Gentlemen!!!

1. Green Bay Packers: I'm in love with Aaron Rodgers. I'll just put it out there. I know I should probably write about their opportunistic defense or their ridiculous offensive weaponry, but I'm too far into this man-crush to look anywhere else. He's playing perfect football. Its almost unbelievable. Watching him play QB this season has been like the random shower scene is Lethal Weapon...I can't explain it, but I'm enjoying the HELL out of it.