"The Ocean City Free Public Library- You'll Find the Whole World Under One Roof"


Think Ocean City Library only has books? Guess what, you're wrong! Opened in May 2010, the new library offers so much more than aisles and aisles of literary classics and the latest bestsellers. You’ll find computer classes - wireless hotspots - online book clubs - and family programs.

The library’s website even has an online library service!  Get instant audio downloads of your favorite books with no fees. Membership is free for all ocean city residents and property owners. At the new Ocean City Free Public Library-books, are only the beginning.


The first Ocean City library was located on Asbury Avenue near 9th Street on the second floor of a wood frame building. The library stayed at this location from 1915 to 1925. In 1925, the library moved to the Ocean City High School, where it remained until 1953.

The purpose of The Ocean City Free Public Library is to empower Ocean City residents, students and workers to enrich their own lives with knowledge, information, education and culture.

The Ocean City Free Public Library will be the intellectual, social and cultural heart of our community, providing a place to go for information, literacy and cultural resources, in a comfortable, attractive and convenient environment.

The mission of The Ocean City Free Public Library is to provide for the people of Ocean City an easily available local collection of and global access to the universal record of human thought, wisdom, ideals, information, experiences, and artistic expressions.  Read more about the Ocean City Library's central goals here.