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Sal Pal

On here for a Sal Pal Friday! Sal Pal will be covering the Eagles/Packers game for ESPN and went over the frigid temperatures that are expected on Sunday afternoon. The Eagles will have to stay on the field on third downs when on offense and really try and keep the ball away from Aaron Rodgers and the Packers on offense. Mark Sanchez has never played at Lambeau Field so that is a concern for Sal Pal. Also, this game could be viewed as a 'dress rehearsal' type in the playoffs.

Bob Watts

Radio host for 107.5 The Fan in Green Bay. Watts said that he does view this Packers team as a playoff contender at 6-3, but doesnt know about a Super Bowl simply because of their defense. When you stack it up to other defenses, they just don't matchup. Watts also talked about the Clay and Casey Matthews connection, with one of the brothers trying to stir the pot leading up to the game.