Tom Moore

Talking Sixers with Mike Gill and Matt Segal about some Sixers news coming out today. According to Grant Land, the Sixers tried 'hard' to try and trade MCW during the draft. The Sixers feel that point guards are easily replaceable in this league and they would revisit such a trade at the deadline or off season. Moore also talks about Nerlens Noel and what he expects from the Sixers this season. They should lose more games this season as opposed to last season, but can get more out of it in a development aspect. Follow Moore on Twitter.

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

Jimmy Kempski sports covering the Eagles. The Birds are at their bye week and Kempski talks about a 5-1 team that looked like just that on Sunday night. Shady McCoy had a huge game and looked like the McCoy that we've come to know. Kempski also talks about Nick Foles and what he saw out of the QB. The two interceptions are still very alarming and are too ill-advised. Foles has to play better when they reach the playoffs if the Eagles are going to have a chance. Follow Kempski on Twitter.



ESPN NFL analyst and majority owner of the Philadelphia Soul on with Mike and Matt. Jaws is looking to bring two home games to Boardwalk Hall this spring. The Soul play at Wells Fargo Center and it's been difficult for the Soul to play home games those months due to the business of that building. Jaws has read and heard all of the negative publicity surrounding AC and calls it a 'perfect marriage.' Jaws and the Soul are looking for a 3-year deal from AC and thinks that this can be an extended stay in AC. Jaws also talks about the Eagles 5-1 at the bye week and their 27-0 win over the Giants on SNF.

Dave Isaac

Our Flyers insider on here to talk about the slow start Philadelphia Flyers who are 0-2-1 on the season. They had a similar start last season and fired Peter Laviolette. They blew a 3-0 lead only to lose it in a shootout 4-3. Vincent Lecavalier is now out for a few weeks and the lines will be switched up a tad with the injury. Follow Isaac on Twitter.

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5 Questions

1. Shawshank came out in 1994. Can you not watch that movie when it's on?

2. How has the baseball coverage been?

3. How many 1 or 2 loss teams can Eagles beat?

4. Is it too soon for an Ebola Halloween costume?

5. What's your favorite WWE finisher?

--Pete Giordano